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The 5 most common mistakes when implementing digital marketing

We wrote our first manual!

In it, we discuss digital marketing and mistakes that are very common in implementation. We start mainly from our own experiences and show possible ways to deal with them, or how to approach situations in a way that we might not think of right away. The manual is definitely not intended to humiliate anyone or to consider them “holy”. We made these mistakes ourselves and then solved them in the wrong ways and broke our teeth many times. This is precisely why the decision was made to write the manual, so that it can be of help to companies and that they have an objective opinion from an outsider.

We wish you a pleasant reading, and we will be very happy with all opinions, even if they are not positive because digital marketing is a science where changes are something normal and where knowledge from yesterday can be useless and outdated even today.

You can get the manual HERE

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