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Facebook advertising

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Why take advantage of Facebook advertising?


Facebook advertising has been the primary source of new customers for many companies in recent years. Check out why.

— Wide selection of campaign objectives.
— Huge reach.
— Building a follower base.
— Very precise targeting of users by interests and demographics.

— Advertising on multiple networks at the same time.
— Complete measurability of campaigns.
— Low initial stakes.
— Immediate results.

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What can you expect when participating?

We are aware that each profession and each field is its own world. That's why we're committed to putting ourselves in your shoes and seeing the world through your eyes. This gives us an advantage in positioning and optimizing ads for maximum impact. We provide all our customers with:


An individualized relationship that starts with the offer.


Transparent, responsive, and clear communication.


Regular reporting on campaigns and suggestions for improvements.


Focusing on the goals we set together with you.

What are the advantages of Facebook advertising?

Reaching users through different social networks

Advertise in parallel, through several different channels.

When we create an ad on Facebook, we can specify exactly where it will appear.

Ads can appear in Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Messenger messages, and much more. We can also adjust the appearance of the ad so that it appears better on different networks. Ad placement also depends on what type of ad we have.

Through testing and based on best practices, we can determine where we want our ad to appear. During the entire editing period, we have an overview of the ad between the desired placements and the possibility of changes or adjustments.

If you decide on Google advertising in addition to Facebook, an increase in sales is practically guaranteed!

Precise targeting of users

Show your ads to the selected target group.

One of the main advantages offered by Facebook advertising is that we can determine very precisely to whom we want to show the ad.

We can define our audience by interests, age, gender, page likes, activities, purchasing habits, and much more. Once we define an audience, we can save it and use it again and again.

For example, if we want to sell family packages at a luxury hotel, we will show ads to families with higher incomes who like to travel.

We can also test different audiences several times and thus determine which generates the most sales, or what was the goal of our campaign.

Tracking users via the Facebook pixel

Remind your customers about your business.

Facebook advertising shines in combination with the Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is a piece of code that is inserted on your website and through which we can show our ads to those users who have already interacted with our company.

The vast majority of web users decide to make a purchase after researching different brands for a long time, and since they need to see a certain ad several times, pixel tracking is definitely a great way of marketing.

Adapting ad types to the intent

Choose the ad type that best suits your advertising goal.

Facebook advertising allows advertising in several different ways. The type of ad, of course, depends on what you want to do with this ad.

If you want to highlight several products, a carousel ad is the most suitable, where you can add several different images, with different descriptions and different landing pages.

If you want to show the flow of your service, it is recommended to make a video explaining it. Based on the type of ad, placement on various social networks is also adjusted.

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