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Comprehensive services in the field of online stores

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Who can we help with our solution?

— To those who do not yet have an online store and want to create one.

— For those who already have an online store and want to increase traffic and sales.

Take the first step towards a more successful online business!

Through meetings, where we get to know you and your wishes and conditions in more detail, we create a draft and wireframe of your online store.

Creating an online store, optimizing the user experience, choosing the right elements, perfecting the technical operation, SEO optimization, etc.

Presentation of the project, possible adjustments, and launch of your brand new, modern online store.

Technical support, consulting, updating, and other work as needed.

Take the first step towards a more successful online business!

Who can we help with our solution?

At the introductory meeting, we get to know you and your requirements. We are aware that you are the expert in your industry, so we take into account all your wishes, requirements, restrictions, and specifics.

We put ourselves in your shoes and create an online store design. We are in contact throughout the entire manufacturing process and keep you informed of the progress. Once the online store is set up, we are still available for any questions or advice.

How do we promote your online store?

An online store can be so well designed, fast, optimized and attractive, but without customers, it does not bring the desired results. Our company also guarantees you this: we take care of online advertising and SEO so that your store ranks high on web browsers and is quickly noticed by your potential customers.

SEO and UX optimization

We optimize the content on your online store according to SEO standards, which enable a high organic ranking of the website on browsers.

Google Ads advertising

We create ads in the Google Ads network and display them in the search and/or display network.

Social networks

We advertise on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and thus ensure stronger ties with your customers and partners.

Email marketing

With promotional emails, we inform your customers about promotional offers, news, or blog posts.

What do we take care of when creating your online store?

For visitors who decide to buy

We take care of a quick, efficient, and easy way to purchase!

If we sell online, it is necessary to convert visits to the online store into purchases. With a clearly defined path from a visit to purchase, we greatly increase the likelihood that our visitors will buy our product or service. By taking care of the user experience, we try to bring your brand closer to customers and let them know that they are not just another customer on the website, but that we are ready to pay attention to them.

For fast operation and technical perfection

We make a fast online store that works on all devices!

If your online store works quickly, customers will be happy to return to it. Since the number of purchases via mobile phones and tablets is increasing rapidly, we are also aware of the need to optimize online stores for use on all devices. We take care of this with larger buttons and fonts, customized content formats, etc. Nowadays, it is necessary to think about the operation of the online store on mobile devices in the first step.

For high ranking on different web browsers

No matter how good an online store is, it doesn't deliver the desired results if users don't know about it.

It is not enough that your online store is well made. It is also necessary to get it to the best possible position on web browsers, as this is the only way to attract a larger number of visitors. We have SEO experts in our team who make sure that your online store ranks high on web browsers and that potential customers can find it immediately.

So that your store will always attract new customers

Showcase yourself to potential customers on multiple channels!

After we launch your online store, we also take care of advertising through various channels. Our digital marketing experts can take care of advertising in the Google Ads network, on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, via email marketing, or by writing blog content. Since all the online stores we take care of are connected to Google Analytics, we can measure the results of individual campaigns and adjust the campaigns themselves based on this.

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