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SEO optimization of websites

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Why take advantage of SEO optimization?


— Your website ranks higher on search engines.
— Clicks are free.
— Greater visibility.
— More visits to the website.

— More potential customers.
— You become a leader in your field.
— Long-term results.

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What is SEO optimization?

SEO optimization is a set of processes with which we achieve that your website ranks higher on search engines - Google, Yahoo,, etc. When someone is interested in an activity or product, they type certain keywords into the search engine. In doing so, you want your website to appear as high as possible in the results, preferably in the first place.

Compared to Google advertising, SEO optimization is a long-term process. However, the advantage is that it provides "free" clicks, as your website will rank higher in the search engines and your potential customers will see it among the first results. For some customers, improvements are visible already after the first month, but certainly after a couple of months of regular work.

How does SEO optimization work?

We tackle SEO optimization holistically:

  • Detailed keyword research and analysis.
  • Editing of website content.
  • Editing the website structure.
  • Technical optimization of the site.
  • Obtaining links pointing to the website.
  • Direction of activities on social networks.

1. Analysis of the current situation with a professional SEO tool

Through the initial analysis, we identify where there are opportunities for improvement. Together we determine the priorities of SEO optimization, the plan, and the scope of work.

2. Improving the technical side of SEO optimization

In this step, we review and optimize the page loading speed, fix pages that don’t open properly, SSL certificate, cache-ing, etc.

3. Defining keywords

We do keyword research for your website. We choose the ones that are most important to you. The number of selected keywords depends on the field, scope of the website, structure of the website, etc. Keywords are important because they bring a potential customer to your website. Specific subpages, categories, products, etc. are optimized for selected keywords.

4. Active optimization and regular, monthly work

We are engaged in the active optimization of the website. We compile a work report for you every month. The work report includes a description of the work for that month. The results are also presented in detail. We also include suggestions for improvements for the next month or we agree on this in a live meeting (adjustment of content, the addition of content, etc.).

We present you a case study of SEO optimization for an online store, for which we have been performing SEO optimization for more than a year. In the case study, we present to you the concrete process and results of the work.

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