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Google advertising

They trust us:

Why use Google advertising?


— Highly accurate user targeting.
— Complete measurability of results.
— Extremely high ad reach.
— You only pay per click.

— Exact budget limit.
— No high initial investment is required.
— Instant results!

Take the first step towards a more successful online business!

What can you expect when participating?

We are aware that each profession and each field is its own world. That's why we're committed to putting ourselves in your shoes and seeing the world through your eyes. This gives us an advantage in placing and optimizing ads for maximum impact. We provide all our customers with:


An individualized relationship that starts with the offer.


Transparent, responsive, and clear communication.


Regular reporting on campaigns and suggestions for improvements.


Focusing on the goals we set together with you.

We became one of the selected marketing agencies that received the Google Partner badge due to excellent work and experience!

Forms of advertising on Google Ads

Advertising through the search network

Reach the right customers.

Search ads appear on Google when a user types in a specific term related to your product/service. If you advertise women’s shoes and the user enters the term “women’s shoes” into the search engine, your ad will be displayed. For your activity, we create a proposal for the keywords that users use to search for your product/service and we guarantee that relevant users will search for you. We also take care of campaign optimization, lower click costs and display to the target group that is most important to you. During the campaign, we monitor which ads have better results and adjust the budget accordingly to ensure the best possible performance and excellent sales results.

Advertising through the display network

Bring your brand closer to a wider population.

Ads in the display network are displayed on websites that offer advertising space rental. With correctly set target groups and keywords, they are displayed on websites that are related to the topic of our ads (for example: if we advertise a restaurant, the ad is displayed on websites about cuisine). Display ads primarily serve to increase brand recognition, as they have an extremely large reach for their price. Through them, fewer clicks and sales occur, but we can use them for remarketing.


Make sure your customers don't forget you!

Most purchases these days don’t happen upon first contact with a product. We can track user behavior on your website with code that we insert into certain subpages of your website. This allows us to identify users who have shown interest in your products or services, but have not yet completed a purchase or submitted an inquiry. We can then “follow” them online with our ads. When they are browsing the web again and considering a purchase, our ad will show them again and remind them of your product.

Video advertising

Show your promotional video to a wider audience.

Video advertising is very simple, as we only need a video that we upload to YouTube. Targeting customers based on their interests is also possible with this channel. Video ads are suitable for all businesses, from small to large, and they give advertising a new dynamic and dimension. They have an excellent reach, and at the same time, they also contribute to the recognition of the brand.

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