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Email marketing

They trust us:

Why send mass emails?


— Building a contact base.
— Regular notification of contacts.
— Detailed measurability of campaigns.
— High percentage of messages read.

— Brand building.
— Practically limitless possibility of creativity.
— Ability to send personalized messages, depending on the relationship with the contact.

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What can you expect when participating?

We are aware that each profession and each field is its own world. That's why we're committed to putting ourselves in your shoes and seeing the world through your eyes. This gives us an advantage in positioning and optimizing ads for maximum impact. We provide all our customers with:


An individualized relationship that starts with the offer.


Transparent, responsive, and clear communication.


Regular reporting on campaigns and suggestions for improvements.


Focusing on the goals we set together with you.

Why send promotional emails?

Sending customized emails to different target groups

Communicate with your contacts through personalized emails.

You can send different promotional emails to different target groups. There are limitless possibilities for segmentation within contact databases. Do you sell pet supplies? Send different emails to customers who have dogs than to customers who have cats. Do you have a points system for discounts? Sort customers according to how many points they have and tailor the offer to them. Since you can also monitor which contacts clicked on which links and which bought something, even more detailed customization is possible.

Send news or topical articles

It is not necessary that your emails are exclusively promotional.

If you love writing and publishing content for your customers, let your customers subscribe to your newsletter and notify them immediately of new content. Your messages do not need to be (directly) sales. With interesting content that your audience will enjoy reading, you can gain a loyal base of contacts who will trust your brand. Someone who trusts your brand will be more likely to buy your product/service.

Full campaign measurability

Analyze the response of different contacts to different campaigns.

After you send the campaign, you will of course be interested in what you achieved with it and which contacts responded positively to it. Email marketing enables a detailed analysis of campaigns, where you can see exactly which contacts opened the email and which links they clicked on. Did they read the message and make a purchase? Did they not even open the message? Have they just reviewed your products/services and not yet decided to buy? All this tells us how certain contacts perceive us and what kind of relationship they have with the company.

Campaigns enable limitless creativity

Include different visual elements in your campaign and make it memorable!

When it comes to email campaigns, the only limit is your creativity. Modern programs for creating email campaigns allow the inclusion of practically all possible visual elements, such as images, videos, audio elements, sets of products, emojis… All different combinations of layouts in which elements are inserted are also possible.

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