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PIKSL intensive program for boosting e-commerce sales

Comprehensive online marketing strategy for online stores, focused on immediate sales and simultaneous long-term brand building.

Do you have an online store that you want to drive to 6-figure monthly sales or higher? Then this program is perfect for you!

Based on experience and research, we have prepared a set of services and a working system adapted for online store owners who want to sell between €20,000 and €1.000,000 per month. We have selected a set of services that have the greatest short-term impact while building the brand and community around your online store in the long term.

We have honed these services, set specific implementation processes, set up all tools for monitoring and optimizing work and reporting. We know what kind of budget is needed to achieve your goals, what frequency of posts and ads is needed, what and how many influencers you need to work with, what e-mails to send to your customers, and what elements your online store should contain – all this so that you can predictably way we generate sales.

Below you can see a demonstration of our comprehensive approach to online marketing.

What, how, how much...?

Our unique, comprehensive approach to digital marketing is carefully designed to achieve optimal results.

It offers both a short-term increase in sales and a long-term establishment of your online store as an authority in your field.

That is why we have a precisely defined our work process and cover all the key channels of the online approach.

For who?

For online merchants who want to reach between €20,000 and €1.000,000 in monthly sales and are ready to invest enough of their time, energy, and money.

Our intensive program requires seriousness and commitment to success from both sides.

Looking for more information?

Click on the inscriptions on the graphic below and short descriptions of specific services will open.

Looking for more information?

Move your mouse over the inscriptions on the graphic on the left and short descriptions of individual services will open.

Sign up for a free, 30-minute strategy session about your online store.

Absolutely zero obligations.

Performance Guaranteed!

Pay by performance!

We are so confident in our intensive program that we are willing to bill our work based on performance.

Together, we will determine a percentage of online sales that is fair to you and us. If we do poorly, we will be paid poorly. If we do well, we will be paid well.

Fair? Fair.

Since it is an extensive program that can only be implemented for a limited number of clients, we will accept a maximum of 3 clients in the program in the second half of the year.

Are you ready to raise sales in your online store a few steps higher?

If you believe that you have an online store that can achieve 6-figure monthly sales and are ready to invest enough energy and money into it, you are invited to book a free, 20-30 minute strategic call. Together, we will review your project, your previous work, discuss your goals and possibilities for cooperation. The call is completely non-binding.

Sign up for a free, 30-minute strategy session about your online store.

Absolutely zero obligations.

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