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SEO optimization of the online store

The online store, which has been on the market for more than 5 years, experienced a drop in the number of visits from online search engines after the creation of a new website.

As a result, their sales also fell.

At the same time, Facebook also announced a new algorithm that significantly reduced its organic reach on Facebook.

In search of a solution, the owners of the company contacted us regarding possible solutions.

One of the main channels for improving results was the SEO optimization of the online store. Below we present our approach, concrete steps, and results of SEO optimization. We believe the information can be helpful to anyone looking for a way to improve their search engine presence.

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    SEO optimization of the online store

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    Slovenian online store

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SEO optimization of the online store:

When SEO optimization online store ,it is necessary to be aware that this is a long-term process. Most online stores have a huge number of categories and products – it is impossible to optimize them all at once.

That’s why we agreed to cooperate on a monthly basis – every month we analyzed the current situation with professional SEO tools (SERanking, Google Search ConsoleGoogle AnalyticsYOAST) and set priorities for the next month.

First we reviewed and took care of the technical side of SEO optimization (page loading speed, SSL certificate, cache-ing, etc.), then we focused on on-site optimization.

We have reviewed which keywords are most important and have the greatest potential to bring the largest possible number of relevant users to the online store.

We optimized specific subpages, product, and product categories for selected keywords.

The key to our success was continuous work – every month we made a new analysis, checked progress, and set new priorities.

Because I believe that for everyone who wants to learn as much as possible from this article, the most value will come from the concrete steps we took for successful optimization – here you go:


Implementation steps

  1. On a monthly basis, we monitor website rankings for the 100 most important keywords. We use the SERanking tool for this.
  2. We check the results on Google Search Console in parallel. Under the “Search Traffic -> Search Analytics” tab, we can see which search terms users used to get to our website and where our online store is ranked.
  3. Based on data from SERanking, Google Search Console, combined with the wishes and goals of the client, we determine the priority keywords for the period of the next month. We determine the words that are most important to the client, have a high number of monthly searches, and may already be ranking solidly.

    For example, a keyword that is important to the client has about 600 monthly searches, and the online store is around 10th place. Based on this, we see that if we manage to improve the website so that it ranks just a little bit higher, we get the page to the first page – which means a significantly higher number of clicks. The goal is, of course, to rank in the top 3 places, but even a small shift can mean a lot here.

    In this way, we determine around 5-8 most important keywords.

  4. Subpages or we optimize products that rank for these keywords. We focus on On-site optimization – we optimize the following elements:
    – page title,
    – description (meta description) of the page,
    – naming and descriptions (alt badge) of images,
    – URL address of the website,
    – H1 and H2 badges on the website.
  5. Off-site optimization – here we emphasize content sharing on social networks, which is an important branch of SEO optimization. If you have the opportunity to share the content on other relevant pages, this will also contribute to better results.
  6. We repeat the process week after week, month after month.


The SEO optimization of our client’s online store brought results that we are extremely proud of.

For established online stores that already have solid positions for a large number of keywords, a 20-30% increase in clicks is a good result.

Our results? Numbers say the most in such cases.

Increase in the number of users by 0%
Increase in the number of new users for 0%
Increasing the number of sessions for 0%
Improving sales for 0%

Average position before: 58 | Average position now: 27

Number of top keywords before: 5

Number of top keywords now: 16

Number of keywords in the TOP 3 places before: 9

The number of keywords in the TOP 3 places now: 27

The number of keywords in the TOP 10 places before: 15

Number of keywords in TOP 10 places now: 46


As you can see, through continuous and well-planned SEO optimization, we managed to practically double sales in the online store in a couple of months.

If you are interested in learning more about whether you would like such services for your website or store, you can get in touch with us here:

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