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Online advertising for ETI Potovanja

In cooperation with the travel agency ETI, we started Google Ads advertising in the fall of 2018.


Through close mutual cooperation, we helped the ETI Slovenia branch to become the second most profitable branch of the company ETI, which has branches in several European countries. In the best month, we took care of as many as 25 direct online reservations via the Google Ads network.


In 2019, we also took over Google advertising for Croatia, and in 2020, based on excellent results, we were entrusted with advertising for Italy and the implementation of Facebook and Instagram advertising for all three countries.


Establishing targeted advertising campaigns to promote travel to Egypt.

  • Strategy

    Facebook advertising,, Google advertising, YouTube advertising, SEO, Instagram advertising

  • Client

    ETI potovanja d.o.o.

  • Period


  • Target market

    Slovenia, Croatia, Italy


We measured the following improvements on the website:

Increase in the number of online bookings. 0%
Increasing the number of website views. 0%
Increasing the number of all users. 0%
Increasing the number of new users. 0%

Since the client was extremely satisfied with the results of the cooperation, at the beginning of 2020 they entrusted us with the implementation of Instagram and Facebook advertising and work with the third branch – ETI Italy. Therefore, we set up and implemented campaigns in three different languages, which is why we had to establish an efficient system for managing a large number of campaigns and coordinating with translations.

They also entrusted us with on-site SEO optimization after they created a new website. The results of the work were very good and a great improvement in the number of online bookings was immediately recorded.

We are proud to have taken advantage of the opportunity when we started advertising with Google for Slovenia and based on sincere cooperation and achieving excellent results, we received the trust of the company, to the extent that we took over advertising for 2 additional markets and also started cooperating in the field Facebook advertising and SEO optimization.


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