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3 months of e-mail marketing, €50,000 in sales

In May 2022, we established integrated e-mail marketing for a Slovenian online store with average monthly sales of €53,000, as part of the program to  promote sales of online stores.

We reviewed the current habits of users in the online store and defined the key stages of the user experience that would benefit the most from the establishment of automated e-mail marketing. In total, we set up 4 different automations and sent out 9 additional e-mail marketing campaigns. The results were excellent.

  • Service

    E-mail marketing

  • Period

    2022, may - july

  • Target market




After reviewing the previous activities and user habits in the online store, we connected the store to the e-mail marketing system, prepared effective and simple registration forms, imported previous databases of e-newsletter subscribers and defined 4 key automations:

  1. Abandoned cart – we send a series of two e-mails to the user. The first one is sent a few hours after the abandoned basket, with a reminder and the contents of the basket in an e-mail. If they do not make a purchase within 24 hours, we send the customer another e-mail, where we add a code for a 10% discount to the contents of the basket. Users who have added products to the cart but have not decided to buy are close to buying, so we try to offer them an additional benefit, which is often enough for the customer to decide to buy.
  2. Welcome – after signing up for the e-news, we send the user only one e-mail for the time being, presenting the most important offer and a code for a 5% discount on the first purchase. A customer who signs up for e-newsletters is more than obviously interested in your products, so it is important to take advantage of their enthusiasm and offer them an additional reason to decide to buy today.
  3. Post-Purchase Automation – Many businesses make the mistake of ending their marketing efforts right after a customer makes a purchase. In practice, however, in most cases it is cheaper to get a satisfied customer to make another purchase than to acquire a new potential customer, present the products to them, and lead them through the shopping cart to the purchase. Therefore, we have three goals in this step.
  • We ensure satisfaction – we ask the customer if they are satisfied with the purchase, if they have any comments or problems, and we offer them a way to contact us and we will do our best to solve any problem.
  • We ask a satisfied customer for an opinion – if the customer is satisfied, we kindly ask him to share his opinion with other users. It’s important to clearly point out one way you can give us feedback – a Facebook review, a Google review, a product review in an online store – whatever is most important to you. We try to time it when the customer has had time to try the product, but the purchase and experience are still fresh enough that the customer is still excited.
  • We try to prepare the customer for the next purchase – we usually do this in a separate e-mail, after a certain period that depends on the sales area – certain products are re-ordered more often than others. It is wise to think about when you expect the customer to use your product again and then offer them a discount code (or some other perk at the time of purchase) as a thank you for the purchase.

We also add weekly, regular campaigns to the automation, where we highlight some current benefits, campaigns, articles, or news. Here, we focus mainly on simple, clear communication and that every e-mail has exactly one, clear goal.


The results

As written in the introduction – after 9 campaigns and all established automations, we generated as much as €50,000 in sales through e-mail marketing in three months. This was also a surprisingly excellent result for us, above expectations and average results, but it is quite normal for online stores that do not yet have a sovereign e-mail marketing system in place that sales grow by 10-20% (depending of course on the online store, database size, performance quality, etc.).

During this time, we also gained around 500 new registered users for e-news, so we believe that the results will continue to increase. In the future, we will work on even more frequent e-mail campaigns (twice a week) and joining SMS marketing, so there is no doubt that the results will be even better in the future.

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