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BC Vault Online Advertising

A case study of how we helped online crypto wallet store BC Vault improve all aspects of online business – from more traffic to higher ROAS (return on investment). We share with you insights into how we exceeded all the set goals in just one year of our cooperation.

The company Real Security has been working in the field of IT security for almost 20 years. They used all this experience and knowledge to design and build BC VAULT, a product or rather a complete solution for both the blockchain industry.

Before our collaboration, the BC Vault online store managed social networks and worked with selected Youtubers. They were achieving certain results with this, but they felt that they were not exploiting the full potential that is offered in online sales.

  • Strategy

    SEO optimization, Facebook advertising, Google Ads advertising, management of social networks, email marketing, cooperation with influencers, and sales on Amazon.

  • Period

    2020 →

  • Target market

    The whole world, emphasis on the USA



As with any new business partner, we first carried out a thorough review of previous marketing activities and discussed their goals and wishes together with the client. Thus, we gained insight into which changes we need to implement and which advertising approaches can lead us to the desired goals.

The main goal of BC Vault was to increase the visibility and, consequently, the growth of sales in foreign markets – especially the USA. Here we faced the first challenge – a wide market with a lot of competition in the field of already known crypto wallets, but at the same time very limited advertising possibilities, due to strong regulations on the cryptocurrency market.

We tackled the project holistically – everything from website optimization to the inclusion of other marketing channels. Of course, we did not achieve success overnight, we would be lying if we said that we immediately found perfect and maximally profitable ways of advertising.

We tested different types of campaigns, target audiences, and creatives. We have set up advertising funnels through which we take potential customers. We have established a system of regular posts on social networks, we have put together advertising campaigns, and we are constantly upgrading everything with additional channels – searching for collaborations with influencers, contacting online portals to obtain backlinks, giveaways, and so on.

We have to give a lot of credit for the improvement of the results here to the client, who constantly takes care of product improvements and creative campaigns, as well as his own collaborations with other brands. Client engagement is a key element for success in all the most successful projects.

The results

Setting up email marketing automation.

Sales growth (2021 vs. 2020) 0%
Increase in page traffic (2021 vs 2020) 0%
Increasing the reach of the FB page 0%
Lower cost per conversion (2021 vs 2020). 0%
Increasing the reach of the IG page 0%
Increasing organic traffic on the website. 0%
Increase in conversions, 30% lower cost per conversion (2021 vs 2020) 0%
Establishing e-mail marketing automation 0%