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Online advertising for Muflon

We present how, with a holistic approach, we increased sales growth by 105% via the online store for the client Muflon d.o.o.. We also share with you the other parameters that have improved and testify to higher quality visits and better sales.

With its more than 40-year tradition, the Muflon company is one of the leading producers of self-adhesive materials in Central Europe. It produces 30 million square meters of self-adhesive materials and foils per year. It produces labels, various types of printed matter, and paper products. Their products are present in the Slovenian and European markets.

Before our cooperation, the Muflon online store managed only its social networks. This did not achieve the desired results – poor visibility and low sales.

Objectives of cooperation – establishment of an integrated approach to digital marketing, increase in sales, and improvement of visibility.

  • Strategy

    Creation of a new online store, SEO optimization, Facebook Ads, management of social networks, email marketing, cooperation with influencers, Google Ads

  • Period

    2020 →

  • Target market




As with any new business partner, our team first carried out a thorough review of the marketing activities to date. Thus, we gained an insight into which changes we need to implement and which advertising approaches can lead us to the desired goals. We tackled the task holistically – everything from setting up a new website to including marketing channels.

Muflon’s main goal was to increase visibility and, consequently, sales growth. Here we faced the first challenge – setting up a new website. In this project, we collaborated with external designers, who first outlined the user experience, and later the design of the website itself.

When creating the website, we made sure that the page would be in accordance with the exact design, that it would be user-friendly, fast, technologically advanced, adapted for computers, tablets and phones and ready for higher visits and traffic.

Before After

Digital marketing

However, an online store can be so well designed, fast, optimized and attractive, but without customers, it does not bring the desired results. That’s why we also took care of online advertising (on social networks and Google) and SEO.

This helped the online store to rank higher on web browsers and to be quickly noticed by potential customers.

We later added email marketing and cooperation with influencers to the marketing activities.

In this project, we are particularly proud of continuous improvements and optimization – thus we have not only improved the results compared to the period before our work, but month by month we are increasing the efficiency and profitability of our work, which is a great sign that a strong and profitable company is being built in the long term brand.


Complete creation of a new online store 0%
Acquisition of influencer collaborations and photo material 0%
Improvement of ROI (return on investment) in Google Ads in the second half of cooperation 0%
Increase in the number of conversions in Google Ads in the second half of the cooperation 0%
Reduction of cost per click in Google Ads in the second half of the cooperation 0%
Approximately 105% sales growth (2021 vs. 2020) 0%
Establishing e-mail marketing automation 0%